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Staff Mid-America is passionate about finding you the job that fits you and your needs..


You'll receive personalized attention as we listen carefully and get to know you so we can meet your requirements.  

Exceptional job placement

Get the job you need

Whether you're a company looking for temporary or permanent staff or payroll services, we'll get you the best fit for the job.


Through a careful screening process and a strong understanding of your needs, you'll get the right candidate with the skills you're looking for.

The right staff for the position

Get the best employees

You'll receive only the best treatment from our locally founded, owned, and operated company.


When you need a staffing agency that cares, listens, and understands your needs, come to Staff Mid-America. You'll be treated like family every time!


Local staffing you can trust

Call about your staffing needs

The career match 

you're looking for

Whether you're looking for work or looking to hire, Staff Mid-America has the fit that's right for you. Get the perfect match for the position fast.


You'll benefit from our years of experience. We've been putting the right people in the right places for over 25 years.


You'll receive the best service and the best advice from our expert staff.

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Need help finding a job or filling a position?

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Delivering Quality People at Reasonable Prices

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