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Staff Mid-America

Purchasing Assistant


Pay Type:  Hourly

Hours:  M-F 8:00-5:00   40 hours per week

Pay Range:  $14-18 per hour depending on experience



  1. Hollow Metal & Wood Door Orders
  2. OEW enter stock and other small orders as required.
  3. Data Entry into Sage for all orders.
  4. Acknowledgements check for correct quantities, material, and prices and for wood doors get signed approval copies from sales and send back to the vendor.
  5. Correspond with vendors to address any order entry issues.
  6. Handle problems with wrong material, damaged items, and replacements.
  7. Assist accounting with wrong prices or discounts as well as any other invoicing issues.
  8. Discuss issues with Mfgs reps and attend vendor meetings for additional product information.


  1. RGA’s (Return Goods Authorization)
    1. Work with sales to find out why the RGA is needed and which job or sales order it was ordered for, so we know where to apply credit when received.
    2. Inspect the item to make sure it’s in new condition unless return is for damage or failed part replacement.
    3. Stage the item on the RGA shelf so it’s easy to locate when paperwork is received.
    4. Locate vendor PO and Invoice so you have all the information the vendor requires when filling out a request to return.
    5. Contact the vendor and request the return while determining the amount of credit to be obtained.
    6. Track receipts of RGA’s and following up when the vendor fails to send to us.
    7. Upon receipt matchup to the physical material and return to the vendor.
    8. Keep track of all returns to make sure all returned material receives a credit invoice for the proper dollar amount. Follow up with our accounting department and the vendor as needed.


  1. Work Orders
    1. Assign work orders for field work and repairs.
    2. Work with sales and accounting to resolve issues and answer questions.


  1. Warehouse and logistics
    1. Act as a liaison when issues between warehouse and other depts. such as sales or shop need to be resolved.
    2. Assist with inventory management by taking on-hand counts and reporting any low stock levels or outages.
    3. Check out any reported inventory discrepancies between on-hand quantities in Sage and actual shelf quantities to determine if items are actually missing or simply misplaced.
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