Site Loader
4315 Frances St. Ste.300 Omaha, Ne 68105

Staff Mid-America

Monday – Friday 7:45-5:30pm (occasional Saturdays may be required due to weather delays)

$15 per hour Job Responsibilities

• Clean the construction site before the general crew is supposed to arrive, eliminating any debris that could pose potential hazards

• Control traffic that might be around the construction site by posting signs indicating people are working and redirecting any vehicles to side roads

• Unload materials from trucks and place them at the proper location on the site; distribute materials to contractors

• Perform numerous types of manual labor, including digging holes for fence posts and mixing concrete inside a portable cement mixer

• Maintain all pieces of equipment by routinely inspecting machinery, conducting repairs and ordering replacements when necessary

• Provide any assistance to the contractors when asked

• Conduct inspections once a project is complete and walk through the premises of the construction site to ensure everything meets the desired specifications before showing it to the client

• Assist specialty craft workers, such as roofers and painters, with any tasks they might need Job Skills & Qualifications Required:

• Ability to perform a variety of physical tasks

• Ability to lift up to 50 pounds

• Previous experience working on construction sites

• Understanding of and willingness to abide by all safety protocols

• Ability to pass a drug/background check

• In depth knowledge of tools Preferred:

• Drivers license

• Previous experience

Please come in to either of our locations with TWO forms of identification

Monday – Friday, 8am – 4:30pm to fill out a job application, please bring a resume if you have one.

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